Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all! 
I wish I could tell you we had a super romantic evening planned for tonight, but we don't. With 9 hours of class and a test until around 7 tonight, there's not much time for anything. So instead, we are going to be celebrating on Thursday night.

Two years ago, on our first V-day, we made shrimp scampi linguine with garlic bread and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. We then built a fort in my living room and watched Away We Go (my Valentine's Day gift from Luke) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was so much fun!  See our spread below. 
Homemade cards are the best!

Last year was a bit hectic for us so we went for cupcakes during a break in our class schedule. And for dinner we decided just to go out to our favorite sushi restaurant, The Drunken Fish, and then made chocolate dipped strawberries later. 

Love note- cheesy, but true.
(Try to ignore the ancient flip phone, ha.)

It was fun, but we both agreed that we enjoy cooking together and cozying up in our blanket fort much better!

So we decided that this year we are going to re-create our very first Valentine's day together! We are still deciding what to make for dinner (suggestions welcomed) but I am leaning towards pasta again. And I think we'll keep the chocolate strawberries for dessert since that seems to be a tradition now. Then we'll build our fort, put on our PJs, and pop in our movies! Perfecto!

Whatever you're doing for Valentine's Day, I hope you are spending it with someone who makes you feel loved!


PS- On a related note, our church, The Journey, just started a sermon series called "Love Lies: Lies we believe about love, sex, and marriage." It started with "Love is a Feeling" this past weekend. Whether you're single or in a relationship I think it had some great insight on what "love" is. Here's the link:
There will be 3 more after this one and you should be able to find them on The Journey's website.

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