Well hello there!

I'm Sarah and this is my blog that is mostly about cooking, but it also contains tid-bits from my life. I discovered  my passion for cooking when I started dating my husband, Luke. We were (and still are) always looking for creative, fun, and preferably inexpensive dates and we found that cooking fit this bill! I still remember the first time that we cooked together, we made pizza from scratch. Anyways, we found out that we really enjoyed spending time in the kitchen together. Now that we are married, I do a lot more of the cooking and meal planning, but we still enjoy planning and making special meals together! And Luke is usually there to help crack eggs and cut things up when I need him. 

We don't have a very nice camera, I think it was one of the cheapest you can get a Wal-Mart. But I still enjoy playing around with the settings and angles. Hopefully one day soon we will be able to upgrade to a nice one! 

Also, I gotta give credit to Luke for (usually) editing the blog. Without him there would be spelling errors galore, haha. 

The Food

My cooking style is rustic and semi-homemade. Rustic because I generally like to make simple, unrefined, comfort food. And semi-homemade because many of my recipes use short cuts to make them fast and easy. Although, I admit that the fully-homemade version is often better and I try to do it that way when I can!

Thanks for stopping by Walker Whims!

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