Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to Walker Whims

I love alliteration, don't you?
This is a blog that chronicles my life, but it will mostly end up being a blog about my cooking adventures. I have recently discovered that I have a passion for cooking and I love using it as a way to serve my friends and family. 
So I guess I'll start by introducing myself and my family.
Well I'm Sarah, a wife, pharmacy student, Christ-follower, cooking fiend.
Next is my wonderful, handsome, smart, funny husband Luke, who's also in pharmacy school with me. That's where we met. He loves being the guinea pig for new recipes and helps me in the kitchen a lot too!  We are happily married newlyweds :)
Here's a picture:
He's cool.

And then there's our baby, Abigail Moose, our Miniature American Eskimo pup.

I love her. She's the sweetest!
Okay so that's us. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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